July 27, 2017
1 Month and 27 days since
our celebration.
Welcome Family and Friends to our 2017 Family Reunion Website!  It was so wonderful to see and spend time with all who attended the 2016 reunion in Washington D.C.  Praying you and your family are well, uplifted and enjoying the blessings of God.  We are asking for your full participation by joining us in St. Louis for the 2017 Herring Family and Friends Reunion Thursday, July 27 - Sunday, July 30. We have decided to adopt "Family Strong" as this year's Herring Family Theme.

As new information regarding the 2017 Herring Family and Friends Reunion materializes, our website will be updated to reflect such details, so please check back frequently. 

Now, we need your help and support in spreading the word!  You may also help promote our website by sharing via FaceBook and e-mail to other family members and friends!

We look forward to celebrating our family in St, Louis in July! Be Blessed!

With Love,
The Herring Family Reunion Planning Committee

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