July 28, 2016
4 months and 8 days since
our celebration.

To our family and friends who attended our 61st Lewis and Rachel Herring Family Reunion, we thank you so much.

We truly enjoyed having you in the DMV and hope you had a wonderful time being here. We hope you were pleased with our planning and all the activities.

The children were a joy and a delight to have the reunion. Through our children, the Herring Reunion legacy MUST continue.

Soon, we're passing the torch over to the St. Louis, MO planning committee. 

We hope to see you in 2017-St. Louis!

Thanks again!

Your Herring Family Reunion Committee 2016


Greetings Herring Family!                                                                                              

First, always giving honor, glory, and praise to God; thanking Him for allowing us to celebrate another year of family and heritage. It was so wonderful to see and spend time with all who attended the 2015 reunion in Huntsville, AL.  Praying you and your family are well, uplifted and enjoying the blessings of God.

My name is Zi′na Mitchell-Humphries. I am the daughter of Mary L. Amos Mitchell, granddaughter of the late Mizzie Herring Amos and great-granddaughter of Willis & Alice Herring under the lineage of Rufus Herring. Some may remember my mother and me, as your 1995 Reunion coordinators in Jackson, MS.  It is my honor to once again serve as your 61st Lewis & Rachel Herring Family Reunion 2016 Coordinator for the DMV area.
Our 2016 Reunion Committee is diligently planning one of the most incredible reunions in our history. It will be a joyous, memorable weekend-filled with activities, giveaways and entertainment all will enjoy.  We are very excited about the upcoming reunion. For the first time, The Lewis and Rachel Herring Family Reunion will encompass 3 regions - Washington, DC-Maryland-Virginia area…popularly known as the DMV on Thursday, July 28th through Sunday, July 31st, 2016!

We are rolling out the red carpet! GET READY!

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Please email us at: hfreunion2016@gmail.com

or call Zi'na at 240-271-6472

Your 2016 Reunion Committee
Alesha Bowens
Melonne Bowens
Michelle Bowens
Michael J. Bowens
Michael Bowens
Shirley Bowens
*Zi'na Mitchell Humphries
Tamka Jenkins
Anthony Mitchell
Annisa Mitchell
George Mitchell III
Rhonald Underwood
Gloria Wells


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